Massage for couple

The Couple’s Massage is a perfect moment for a special occasion, such as Valentine’s Day, a wedding, a birthday or just for fun!

A pleasure to share a bubble of complicity for two, side by side, in the same space and without distractions.

You will either please yourself or please someone else if you decide to offer a gift voucher, a personal touch. Located in the center of Geneva and easily accessible, at the Institute of Natural Medicine, St Jean, we welcome you in a warm and relaxing setting.
The pressure of the massage will be individual, and according to the needs of the receiver.

If one of the two wishes, a foot reflexology or a session of Shiatsu (traditional Japanese massage, on a futon) can be performed instead of the relaxing massage, for the same fee.

A hot tea or a drink will be offered in the waiting area.
Our massage oils are purely vegetal and scented with essential oils (no other products).

We look forward to welcoming you.

Massage de couple
Massage pour couple