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Sophie & Michel


Any massage can be defined in two words : techniques and sensitivity.

Massage is a communication between two people based on physical and energetic contact , which will apply a series of sequenced level maneuvers skin , fascia , muscles, etc. as specific stimuli looking for her response to find both balance as therapeutic purposes.

So I think the mix of technical and training time with a different customized massage therapist each and every customer , coordinating to their needs and physical characteristics. Although I am trained in different techniques, as I will detail below , and I can develop them independent.

My advice is to do a full body massage to work all parts of the body, emphasized the most in need , not to mention balance energetic part.

Although I started studying school teaching I have always been attracted by technical and natural medicines.

I started studying and working beautician but quickly discovered my passion in the large world of different massage techniques, where you always have something new to learn and therefore bring to your customers.

For family reasons I came to live in Haute Savoie few months ago. With sadness I left a loyal clientele ; but with force and enthusiasm took over from here to create a clientele that will be satisfied with my work and me, as my techniques and treatment are very " Spanish " ( used to close a hot deal but always professional and respectful ).

I hope to make my dent in Geneva, where there are great professionals that I humbly think I can be part of. And although my French is still basic, sure soon improved significantly.

After beautician course, I studied massage, kinesiology , neurosedating massage, reiki, massage stretching , oriental foot reflexology and Thai traditional massage.

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I was born in Geneva.

After secondary school I completed an apprenticeship in Physics here in Geneva.

I received my first massage at the age of twelve, which influenced the choice of my present activity: alternative medecine.

I undertook my training as naturotherapist in 2001 studying Relaxing Massage, other types of massage, Reflexology, Reboutology, and Nutrition.

After that I completed some further training in Cellular Medecine, Reiki, Shiatsu (Japanese Massage) and the Dorn Method.

I fluently speak French, English, Spanish and Italian.

All of this allows me to be able to offer various services which I hope will satisfy your needs.

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We are able to propose for birthdays, St-Valentin or for pleasure, a massage for couple. It is performed by both therapists in the same room (side by side) and both therapists practicing at the same time, each on a reciever.

Just like for an individual massage, the reciever can ask a personalized pressure according to present tensions.

More than a box of chocolate or than a tie, the massage for couple can be an original gift and which is enjoyed by both receivers!